Editing Responsibilities in Publishing the Code of Virginia

 Under § 30-148, the Virginia Code Commission (Commission) is charged with arranging for the codification of and incorporation into the Code of Virginia all general and permanent statutes.

Under § 30-149, the Commission may correct printer's errors and misspellings; may renumber, rename, and rearrange Code of Virginia titles, chapters, articles, and sections in statutes adopted; correct unmistakable errors and correct cross references; and may omit from the "statutes incorporated into the Code of Virginia provisions which, in the judgment of the Commission, are inappropriate in a code, such as emergency clauses, clauses providing for specific nonrecurring appropriations and general repealing clauses." 

Pursuant to §§ 30-148 and 30-149, each year the Commission:  

        • Resolves Code of Virginia section numbering when the General Assembly passes two or more Acts of Assembly adding the same section number;
        • Updates cross references;
        • Makes other technical changes to the Code of Virginia; and
        • Uses its authority to determine if certain enactment clauses and bills that do not have an assigned code section number should be assigned a code section number so that the provision can be found in the Code.

 A special committee of the Commission (Executive Committee) makes these determinations as there is not sufficient time for the full Commission to meet while ensuring the timely publication of the Code of Virginia.

See Code of Virginia FAQs for more information.