Virginia Administrative Code (Regulations) FAQs

What is the Virginia Administrative Code?

The Virginia Administrative Code contains the permanent regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Regulations have the force of law and are written and administered by state agencies as authorized by the General Assembly. The Virginia Administrative Code online is updated daily.

How is the Virginia Administrative Code organized?

The Virginia Administrative Code is organized into 24 subject areas called Titles. Titles are listed alphabetically and numbered from 1 to 24. Each title contains the state agencies that create regulations related to the subject area. The regulations of an agency are referred to as chapters.

How are regulations labeled?

Regulations are labeled with the Title number, then the letters "VAC", then the agency number followed by the chapter and section number.

For example, 4VAC5-30-10:
4 (Title) Conservation and natural resources
5 (Agency) Department of Conservation and Recreation
30 (Chapter) Virginia State Parks Regulations
10 (Section) Definition of terms

Where can I find a copy of the Virginia Administrative Code?

Print copies of the Virginia Administrative Code are available in most Virginia public libraries ( The online Virginia Administrative Code can be found at

How can I find a section of the administrative code if I don't know the section number?

  1. Go to
  2. Use the search feature to search by subject or key word.

Are the regulations on this site up to date?

The Virginia Administrative Code (VAC) updates daily so regulations that become effective today are included with the following exceptions:

  1. Certain exemptions allow a regulation to become effective prior to being published in the Virginia Register of Regulations. Actions will be updated within two business days of the effective date.
  2. Final regulations published in the Virginia Register are not included in VAC until their effective date.
  3. Because of their temporary nature, emergency regulations are not included in VAC, but are available on the Emergency Regulations website within two business days of the effective date.

What should I do if I need an older version of a regulation?

Contact the Registrar's office at (804) 698-1883.